The Global Co Lab Network Team

The Co Lab maintains a virtual team with minimal staff, bureaucracy, and overhead focused on building networks between existing entities. The Founding Director works with a team of collaboration oriented advisors, volunteers, and web developers that include teens, millennials, science and innovation experts, policy officials, and creatives — all united with a passion to more effectively address challenges in cost effective virtual network building. Affiliations for identification purposes only.

Founding Director

Linda Staheli

Global Co Lab Network Board of Directors

John Hanacek Profile Photo
John Hanacek
Julie Murphy
Hurriyet Ok Profile Photo
Hurriyet Ok
Linda Staheli
Patricia Trapanese Profile Photo
Patricia Trapanese


Global Co Lab Network Advisors

David Abramowitz Profile Photo
David Abramowitz
Chuck Appleby Profile Photo
Chuck Appleby
Davin Bremner Profile Photo
Davin Bremner
Nathan Bynum Profile Photo
Nathan Bynam
Dr. Chantal Profile Photo
Dr. Chantal de Jonge Oudraat
Renee Fisher Profile Photo
Renee Fisher
Melanie Greenberg Profile Photo
Melanie Cohen Greenberg
Aidan Holland Profile Photo
Aidan Holland
Siying Li Profile Photo
Siying Li
Charisse Nunes Profile Photo
Charisse Carney Nunes
Melanie Roberts Profile Photo
Melanie Roberts
Kennan Salinero Profile Photo
Kennan Salinero
Pat Sartorius Profile Photo
Pat Sartorius
Alison Sher Profile Photo
Alison Sher
Katherine Smith Profile Photo
Katherine Smith
Joel Spangenberg Advisor Profile Photo
Joel Spangenberg
Richard Stone Profile Photo
Richard Stone
Martine Wagoner Profile Photo
Martine Wagoner
Pippi Profile Photo


Global Co Lab Network Fellows

Kim Feinstein Profile Photo
Kim Feinstein
Camillo Piarulli Profile Photo
Camillo Piarulli
Amna Baloul Profile Photo
Amna Baloul
Simon Sharp Profile Photo
Simon Sharp


Global Co Lab Network Interns

Hannah Jensen Profile Photo
Hannah Jensen
Kira Tucker Profile Photo
Kira Tucker


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