Empowering Teen Females.

What does it take for a formerly diet-addicted 16 year-old to start a body positivity Instagram channel that grows to 2000 followers with 600 likes on every post in 6 months? For a high school Girls Leadership Committee to grow by 400% in a day? For a 15 year-old to declare herself the next President of the United States?

Our Mission.

The Co Lab partnered with Brie Mathers of Love the Skin You’re In to support teen female foundational development to empower stronger sisterhood, mental health, leadership and change making.

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The Story

For five years the Co Lab helped lead a significant engagement effort in Arlington and Fairfax Virginia working with teens, moms, and community activists to bring Brie Mathers to the region to wow the hearts of young women. Brie’s talk, Love the Skin You’re In, engaged the life force of students who aren’t only still talking about the impact, but are taking active measures to create a softer world where women’s voices and imaginations are more valued.  After her presentation Co Labs sparked conversations that spoke to the heart of girl culture. One teen could not have summed it up more perfectly:

What followed was a multitude of Co Labs designed to free young women’s voices and engage them in creating – and joining pre-existing – networks of support that strengthen their resiliency. These gatherings reached airwaves as far as Vashon Island in Washington State.  The Co-Lab has since launched an SDG Hub on Gender Equality addressing female empowerment, male masculinity, and LGBTQ issues.  Join us here!

We are excited to report the following extraordinary girl power outcomes that empower teen females to be the change agents in their own lives and in the world:

  • leaving unhealthy relationships
  • resisting dieting
  • feeling strong and powerful
  • feeling a sense of hope
  • resisting self harming behaviors
  • feeling connective rather than competitive or alone
  • feeling their value beyond being eye candy
  • ready to adopt mindfulness practices
  • LGBTQ resilience in the face of bigotry and hate
  • turning the corner on body loathing and shaming
  • seeing themselves as leaders
  • feeling love for and loved by their school and peers

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