A Peace of Science

A Documentary on Diplomacy with North Korea

The Global Co Lab Network (Co-Lab) is proud to produce A Peace of Science:  Diplomacy with North Korea, a 30-minute educational documentary.  The film is focused on empowering next-generation practitioners on the importance of science engagement in building better relations between countries.

The primary audience is policymakers and students of international relations, diplomacy, conflict resolution, peace-building, science diplomacy, and Asian affairs.  The Co-Lab is making itself available to talk with students for a limited time via in-class screenings and Q and A.  We also provide an informational resource page to complement the film and provide further materials.  Please reach out on the contact sheet below to get in touch.  Our only request is that you send us feedback, which you can do here.

The Co-Lab thanks the interviewees and team members listed below who helped to make the documentary production and promotion possible.  The Co-Lab is especially grateful for a grant to support the making of this documentary from the Henry Luce Foundation, which in 2011 also provided funding to CRDF Global for academic exchanges of the US-DPRK Scientific Engagement Consortium.  Finally, the Co-Lab gives a special thanks to the organizations listed below.

If you’d like to watch the entire documentary, please fill out this form here.

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If you’d like to watch the entire documentary, please fill out this form here.


Our Team

Our Partners

The Global Co Lab Network extends a special thanks to the Henry Luce Foundation for financial support of the documentary, and to the following organizations for their support:

Henry Luce Foundation

The National Committee on North Korea

American Association for the
Advancement of Science

Mount Paektu Research Centre

U.S. Institute of Peace


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