To create a virtual global community of teen artists focused on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), collaborating with our other SDG Hubs.

What we do

The Arts Hub engages teen artists of all types to support the other hubs through creative projects that raise awareness and educate others on the SDGs! In the past, they have focused on many art challenges addressing earth optimism, upcycling, and racial justice.

Global Co Lab Book

A book published by teens for teens about the world’s biggest problems.

Showcase Event

Students raise awareness on gun violence.

Arts Therapy Webinar

Art, among other creative forms, can be a useful tool to help one grapple with their emotions, relax, and bring positivity and improve self-esteem. Join our changemakers in a calm art therapy session in this video!

Co Lab Masks

Teens created custom masks drawing attention to the SDGs, take a look at all of them here!


Ranye Ezenekwe

Amara Nwuneli


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