Hi!  My name is Jasmine Biju and I am a high school sophomore and a 2022 Teens Dream Video Challenge Contest Winner. I participated in the challenge as a fun way to share my passion project; however, I did not realize how impactful this opportunity would become!  My project was based on bringing awareness to a skin condition called vitiligo. Given my personal challenges coping with this condition, I knew I wanted to make a change but did not know exactly how.

The Global Co Lab Network provided me with a platform to turn my vision into a reality!  Currently, I am an intern working for Professor Fadie Coleman, Dean at Harvard University. I have written a 22-page research paper on vitiligo which has served as the foundation for a vitiligo cosmetic brand that is currently under consideration.

This all started when I won the contest and got a $500 grant from the Co Lab which I used to publish a Children’s Book Maya the Patchwork Princess!  I am now working on publishing a new comic book; both books feature vitiligo-affected protagonists.

Additionally, I have created a website to educate people and have launched a social media campaign that has reached individuals across 5 different continents.

What the Global Co Lab Network has taught me is that a regular high school student can make a large, far-reaching impact. The Co Lab offers teens resources, mentors, and experiences that will help inspire you and get the ball rolling. If you are a teenager with a desire to make a difference in the world, but don’t quite know how, take a chance and join the Co Lab!