The Global Co Lab Network is actively working to support young females in Afghanistan.  It is very hard for these young women now.  See reflections below.


Pain is always with me
We are an ill fated generation
I want to die and go west
As here is not a safe place
I want to be a servant of this country
But they don’t let me go to university
I want to be a part of our society
But they don’t care about me
When I make mistakes, it is because I am a woman
They think of me as a convict
When I turned ten
They said you have to get a husband
They say I am a shameless women
They make me hate my religion
So pain let go
I wanna run form this regime
To reach to my dreams
I wanna leave my homeland
To be like a human being
I wanna forget the sad days
To start a new page
My heart is full of pain!!
But it doesn’t have treatment
I just wanna say at last
I wish I had been born a man!