By Sarah Bigley, Teen Ambassador of the Wildlife Conservation Hub

Over the past several months, many of the Global Co Lab Network’s Teen Led SDG Hubs on the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals have started developing five teen-made podcasts! These podcasts aim to educate teens and others with the help of experts in the field, group discussions, and engaging content. You can find these podcasts on your favorite app (including Spotify and Apple Podcasts). Listen to our podcasts!  Here below are some of the podcasts the Co-Lab teens have been working on: 

1.Green Teens Podcast by the Climate Hub  – 

Welcome to Green Teens! In this podcast, we will discuss the many aspects, causes, and effects of one of the world’s greatest problems: the climate crisis. We’ll be tackling many topics including eco-anxiety, consumerism, renewable energy, plastics, and many more. We hope that you stay tuned to learn all about this problem that we’re facing and how we can solve it.  We are hoping to spread information about climate change and inspire others to take action!  We now have 3 episodes, one about climate change, one about plastic, and one about fast fashion! We love all of the interesting discussions we have!

2.  Conservation Conversations Podcast by the Wildlife Conservation Hub  –

A group of teens from LA, Virginia, and Georgia who are passionate about wildlife discuss conservation efforts, the environment, climate change, and more! We interview and chat with environmentalists and experts in the field of conservation in hopes of learning more about what we all can do to protect our wildlife!  We currently have 2 episodes: one about teen advocacy in climate change and another about protecting rhinos in South Africa. With the help of our guest speakers, we educate our listeners on important topics relating to wildlife protection and empower teens on how they can get involved. Stay tuned for our monthly podcast episodes! 

3.  Be Kind To Your Mind Podcast by the Mental Health Hub – 

Our goal is to eliminate the negative stigma towards mental wellness and health through discussion and discovery.  We post episodes exploring how our mental health is impacted by our day-to-day lives.  We have talked about the effects of college, bullying, and technology on mental health and have many more podcasts planned for the future. We want to make our messages known around the world so please follow our podcast, listen to our episodes, and share with the people around you. And remember to be kind to your mind!

4. OverHERd Podcast by the Gender Equality Hub – 

Welcome to overHERd! In this Podcast, we honor the lives of beautiful individuals who are using their voices as a means to empower others. This platform promotes awareness around gender equity, as teen changemakers, through genuine discussions on social issues. We strive to create a comunity by guiding those in need and providing insight on women’s empowerment, healthy masculinity, challenging gender norms, and social stigmas, and we include podcasts in both Spanish and English!

5. Viviendo y Sosteniendo Podcast by the Spanish-Speaking Hub – 

A Spanish-speaking podcast focused on promoting sustainable living through the experience of teens from all around the world. Se hablará sobre distintos temas relacionados con la sostenibilidad, la cual es muy importante en la actualidad.