By Phoebe Sabar, Ankitha Venguswamy, Maria Alonso Novo of the Wildlife Conservation Hub

On August 1st, 2020, we created the Co Lab’s newest Hub on Wildlife Conservation. The Wildlife Conservation Hub focuses on both SDG Life on Land and Life Below Water. Life on land is exactly what it sounds like – our mission is to aid wildlife, and habitats/biomes. Life underwater means we aid the conservation of marine life, such as coral conservation. There are many aspects to this.  We just finished working on a video for an SDG challenge, in which we placed 8th for our video about animals who are being poached and how that needs to stop. You can watch the video here.

Our hub also worked on another video presentation for the Co Lab’s annual October Celebration where you can come and learn about the work from many inspiring teens working within the Global Co-lab.  We have also designed a mask to promote the protection of wildlife and biodiversity. Additionally, we have collaborated with outside organizations like Rhinosaverz, Conservation X Labs, artists like Emily Tan Ying, and Wocean. Rhinosaverz, a nonprofit organization, particularly works on the ground to enforce and implement anti-poaching practices. Conservation X Labs creates new technology to help monitor and track wildlife to stop the illegal wildlife trade. Emily Tan Ying is a London-based artist who has fundraised for many wildlife conservation organizations donating her art to many projects and leading webinars raising awareness. Wocean, is a project led by two Mexican students who created “The Earth Talk” podcast to share stories of people in the field. We aim to inform people through info sessions, webinars, and writing posts for social media to spread the message of protecting wildlife.

The Wildlife Conservation Hub wants to spread awareness and try to help the conservation of endangered animals.  In life on land we understand the value of animals and plants. We understand that they are crucial to the environment, and shouldn’t just be killed off. Join us to make a difference in your community for the environment to preserve our wildlife!  Take our short Hub orientation here.