Created by Maria Dragoi, Amara Mir, and Bushra Mir, Global Co Lab Network Education SDG Hub

With the influx of material and accessible technology, it may seem overwhelming to navigate through the vast array of resources available at your fingertips. As the Quality Education Hub, we strive to increase accessibility to educational resources. As such, we have curated a comprehensive and interactive PDF list that allows you to easily find the best educational resources available online for free. The PDF includes online course platforms, digital collections, articles, papers, and publications, interactive documentaries, digital books, learning platforms, and methods to create internet. We hope to reiterate the significance of quality and ease of access.

Access the PDF by simply clicking whichever sections you would like to explore, and you’ll have access to a diverse selection of quality resources from around the world!  And join our Education SDG Hub to lead actions in your community for quality education!