By Ashley Cheung and Sydney Rico, Co Ambassadors of Zero Hunger Hub with Eco Teen Action Network

On February 29th we had the opportunity of presenting a workshop called “Hungry for Change” at the annual LearnServe International Student Action Summit. We both taught students the importance of awareness surrounding food insecurity in our very own communities and gave them a hands-on experience of conducting a waste audit – a great way to create change in their very own schools. The experience didn’t just give us the opportunity to teach others something new, it taught us how to better educate our peers as teen changemakers.  Here are the slides from our presentation!

At the beginning of our journey as leaders of the Zero Hunger Hub, we never guessed we would be standing up and using our experiences to inspire other teens to create change. Furthermore, our experience leading a workshop was not only a transformative one but a rewarding one on virtually every front. Specifically, we loved being able to share what we are passionate about with others, and showing them how easy it is to do something about food insecurity; especially with the impeccable support that we’ve had from each other and the Zero Hunger Hub.

We are now excited to be launching a collaboration on behalf of our Hub and the Eco Teen Action Network with DC Food Project, to help reduce food waste in schools throughout the DC area.  We are looking for teens locally and globally to join us!  Email us at