By Sydney Rico, Hunger Hub Ambassador with the Eco Teen Action Network

On March 27th, 2020 I took part in a virtual gathering of upwards of 60 young changemakers from all over the world, organized by the United Nations Major Group on Children and Youth.  The call’s focus was on actions that can be taken towards the fight against climate change in light of the COVID-19 virus. 

It is no secret that the world is facing a modernly unprecedented state of disarray. The unheard-of nature of the struggles that the world now faces bring out obstacles for both the many who are operating in a changing environment as well as for those who make efforts to rally their peers towards a cause.  For example, the thought of action towards climate change has been labeled as blatantly second rate to the health care crisis currently impacting heavily infected nations. One change-maker commented that a lack of transparency regrettably adopted by many national governments in this time of crisis is a practice that will dampen the ability to fight climate change. 

The discussion evolved into the concern that governments will cease to respond to the voices of citizens if citizens don’t speak out against the injustice that is a lack of transparency. In my eyes, It was resolved that the most prudent course of action to take is to continue to speak out on both injustices surrounding the coronavirus and the climate crisis. It is empowering to be reminded that good can be done with a voice in spite of the adversity that mankind and several specific communities face. The fight against climate change can create a change for the better on the front of what is acceptable for governing bodies to ignore. 

Times like this require that the public take action toward what is right. As a result of the gathering, I realized that the fight for climate change is a beautiful vehicle to inspire the action of many. The support of the youth community present on the call made it all the more inspiring to accept my role as a steward of action. As a result, after the call, I reached out to the organizers offering the eco-teen action network’s virtual meeting rooms as safe spaces for teens globally to connect and engage.  For more info see our Hubs here.