By Sydney Rico, Student in Fairfax Virginia

Realizing the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) will take teamwork of a certain kind – the collaboration of young people.  Organizations like the Global Co Lab Network and the Smithsonian Conservation Commons are working to connect teens and give them the resources they need to create their own change.  Connections are forged and fostered through virtual rooms, called Dream Hubs. As their title suggests, all hubs originate from the dream of a teen or teens. Whether it be regarding the end of plastic pollution or equality of all genders and identities, countless teens hold profound wills to solve real world problems and for them, Dream Hubs are an invaluable tool.  

In the news of recent advancements of the network of dream hubs, a group of teens and adults have just assembled in support of SDG number two: Zero Hunger.  This passionate group is made up of teens from the DC area, Northern Virginia, and France!! See our Dream Hub here on Zero Hunger – plans to unite young people around the world against hunger are under way!  Encourage teens to join us!  Email us at and stay tuned for information regarding the groups progress at the Global Co Lab Network’s blog page.