Following Brie Mather’s fabulous presentation on body positivity to hundreds of teen females at Woodson High School in Fairfax, the Co Lab helped Brie facilitate a salon on April 26th to share female teen reflections and celebrate their power to engage on issues that matter – with a decision to create a safe support group there that didn’t currently exist. Super proud of this diverse group of teen sisterhood that came together to build love and respect for each other.  See the many expressions from teens coming out of the talk here!  A few reflections:

“I’m so grateful that you came to Woodson yesterday. After both the presentation and the mini group I felt so powerful. Thank you for comforting me while I was crying – this made me feel so much better… I hope that the group creates a club.”  

“Thank you so much for speaking at Woodson… this made me feel a part of what is going to be a dramatic change in how our society perceives what is right or wrong…after the conversation a couple of the girls in the group sat together at lunch and we became great friends… it was very nice meeting everyone who joined during 5th period as well …the stories told were emotional but very inspiring …I am proud.”