By John Craig, Friend of the Global Co Lab Network

Linda Staheli and I cohosted a Co Lab Salon recently focused on the surging “coliving” trend.  It was a great discussion!  Eleven Arlingtonians ​with strong interest in this movement attended – eight in person, three joining by speakerphone.  
Our purpose was to quickly survey housing options in Arlington today, envision what creative new options might be developed, and outline the challenges that any pilot projects in this arena – in the near future – would face.
The meeting included two highly experienced city planners, a rising young entrepreneur, the founding director of a fast-growing energy/environmental nonprofit, a millennial in fundraising, a marketing official at one of the nation’s top home-improvement chain stores, and a sustainability expert at the EPA.
Linda did an awesome job of facilitating the discussion, keeping the fast-paced conversation on track – and aimed, ultimately, at creating a plan of action for the coming weeks. We are excited to move this agenda forward given the urgent needs for creative housing in our country.