Submitted by Catherine Meadows

For the 2015 Teens Dream Video Competition, my partner Kylie and I submitted a video on our dream, education for all women. After being selected as one of nine global winners, Kylie and I were propelled into activism to pursue our passion by serving as Teen Ambassadors for Teens Dream’s Dream Hub on education. Together, we are working to create an online, collaborative platform for youth around the world to connect around their dream of education. The goal of the Dream Hub is to provide mentors and resources to teens in order to incubate their passion and validate their aspirations.

I now serve as the 2017 Global Co Lab intern, and I recently flew from my hometown of Cold Spring, Kentucky to attend the Earth Optimism Summit in Washington, D.C. to promote Teens Dream and launch our Dream Hub. The connections I formed while in D.C. during salons, presentations, and networking are invaluable resources for me as a teen aspiring to enter a career in global peace building and diplomacy. Teens Dream has offered me support and encouragement in my dreams, and I hope to perpetuate its mission for youth around the world.

Kylie and I serve as Teens Dream’s Education Hub Ambassadors. With the support and advice from Shanyn Ronis, the Education Global Access Program’s Founder and Executive Director, we have launched a Dream Hub on Education. Kylie and I are both passionate about advocating for equal access to education around the world. This Dream Hub is a virtual collaborative platform for teens like us to connect from all over the world to incubate our passion for education. The Dream Hub will provide mentors and resources to youth to aid them in the pursuit of their dreams.

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