ENUF (The Environment, a Neighborhood to Universal Flow), in conjunction with the Global Colab Network, presented its 3rd neighborhood Salon on Tuesday, January 10, at 7 pm.  A great small gathering of eight met to hear Amanda Davis and Alicia Korten, along with Lori Sallet, talk about sustainable local food sources.  Raised on a subsistence farm in Northern California, Amanda is a Nutrition Educator and focuses on eating traditionally.  Alicia is dedicated to mindful eating through Community Supported Agriculture. Lori is the Marketing Director for South Mountain Creamery, as well as being an organic farmer. She is recently transplanted from Maryland to Maywood. 

Local, Sustainable, Seasonal, Organic are buzz words for how we used to eat…and not that long ago.  They represent traditional practices around growing, purchasing and consuming food.  In today’s fast paced modern world our dietary habits are primarily shaped by convenience and cost, rather than quality, health, and environmental impact.  The discussion highlighted local Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), farmers markets and direct-to-door delivery services such as South Mountain Creamery.

The Maywood ENUF Salon believes that the world needs less bickering and more intentional community engagement on environmental sustainability issues. Talking about these issues can bring people together regardless of age, politics, or cultural identify.  Children, teens, dogs, and adults are invited to convene over drinks and yummy food on topics identified by the hosts.  Maywood is ready to work together to address the many challenges we all face and excited about sharing our knowledge with each other and having fun!  Start an ENUF Salon in your own neighborhood!  

Heads up for the February ENUF Salon–Saving the Planet, One Raindrop at A Time: Water Retention and Landscape Sustainability. Stay tuned for details!