A TEENAGER from West Wickham has returned from an all-expenses-paid trip to Washington DC after winning an international competition.

Jordan Onyeka, a student at Ravens Wood School at Oakley Road, Keston, is in his second year of A-levels and will attend university next year to study film production.

Tasked by the school to find a media competition he could enter, the 18-year-old rapper, known as Jayo, discovered the Teens Dream Video competition online.

His video, titled ’Teens Dream’, was filmed by his brother, Jared, also a Ravens Wood A-level student. It earned him the title grand prize winner of the competition as well as $500 and a trip to the US capital.

Jordan has just returned from a whistle-stop 3-day visit to DC, where he was honoured at a Teens Dream celebration event at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History.

Proud dad Justin, who accompanied Jordan on the trip, said: “As part of their goal of linking winners with mentors in their related fields, the Teens Dream organisation hooked up Jordan with celebrated 19-year-old DJ Young Music, who has a nationally syndicated mix show on DC’s biggest hip hop station, WPGC.

“MTV also asked him to film a vlog of the whole trip for the MTV Voices section of their website. Jordan has produced a number of rap tracks over the past couple of years all of which he posts to his YouTube channel.”

Jordan said: “Winning this competition just reassured me that hard work truly pays off and that following my passion and inspiration through music really holds no limits.

“My trip to DC was an amazing experience and I’m already planning on a quick return. Some of my fellow pupils at Ravens Wood are now going to enter this year’s Teens Dream competition.”

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