The Global Co Lab Network worked with an amazing group of Arlington moms for over two years to bring Brie Mathers of Love the Skin You’re In to talk with hundreds of teen females in Arlington  Brie gave an absolutely life changing multi media presentation to over 300 girls at HB Woodlawn on November 17th and we received over 200 testimonials such as the one above expressing newfound strength in many areas of mental health resiliency. To name just a few take aways expressed in the notes below:

* leaving unhealthy relationships
* resisting dieting
* feeling strong and powerful
* feeling a sense of hope
* resisting self harming behaviors
* feeling connective rather than competitive or alone
* feeling their value beyond being eye candy
* ready to adopt mindfulness practices
* LGBTQ resilience in the face of bigotry and hate
* turning the corner on body loathing and shaming
* seeing themselves as leaders
* feeling love for and loved by their school and peers
Feeling very grateful to Brie for her words of warmth, love and wisdom impacting so many teen girls at this stage in their life journey.  So grateful to you Brie during this season of Thanksgiving.  We are going to be working to continue to bring Brie’s message to more teen girls in Arlington in the coming months.