Latanja Thomas and Michael Beer, working with blogger Renee Fisher of Life in the Boomer Lane and Co Lab Director Linda Staheli, co hosted the first topic ENUF salon on Solar Energy on November 1st, 2016 where we had a perfect sized gathering of 11 North Arlington VA Maywood residents come together for a lite potluck to talk solar geek with Edge Energy Joe Dempsey, an Energy Services and System company who installed the solar at Michael and Latanja’s home, answering nuts and bolts questions about putting solar on your home. The apparent bottom line is that it costs roughly $10,000 plus or minus thousands of dollars depending on a variety of factors for a roughly 10-12 year return on investment.  If you plan on staying in your home for that length of time it is worth it, as you will recoup your costs, will be on the cutting edge of a very important and critical movement for the future of our planet, is ethically the right thing to do, and it apparently pays off in reselling your home, at least according to the research.

The Maywood ENUF Salon, ENUF being the Environment:  a Neighborhood to Universal Flow, believes that the world needs less bickering and more intentional intergenerational community engagement on environmental sustainability issues. Children, teens, dogs, and adults convene over drinks and yummy food on topics identified by the hosts.  The next salon in Maywood will be on Thursday December 15th on CSA — fresh veggies delivered from the garden to your home.  Maywood is ready to work together to address the many challenges we all face and excited about sharing our knowledge with each other and having fun!  Start an ENUF Salon in your own neighborhood!