Linda Staheli, John Hanacek, and Alison Sher of the Co Lab attended MCON 2016 this year!  MCON gathers leaders, activists and social entrepreneurs to act and find creative solutions for social issues in a three day program of speakers, events, panelists and networking opportunities.  Attendees and online viewers had access to more than 25 different sessions.   

The Co Lab’s Millennial Advisor, Alison Sher, said it was really inspiring meeting so many millennial change makers working independently for organizations across the world on a variety of social justice issues.  “It made me realize how much I wished there was time to get together outside of the conference to see how we could all collaborate with one another before going our separate ways.”  

The Co Lab’s Foresight Advisor, John Hanacek, said it was interesting to see how many people are doing similar work which is inspiring but also makes me think we should find more effective ways to merge those efforts, quite literally.  “This is why I work with the Co Lab because we are trying to facilitate deeper interpersonal connections which might be able to get over competition of brand.”   

Co Lab Director Linda Staheli added that the Conference was a fabulous show — great speakers, presentations, networking, and parties.  A great experience if you are good at getting out in front of people — harder if you want to get anything accomplished and are a tad on the introverted side.  

All three met some amazing people and left feeling energized but also keenly aware that the work of the Co Lab as a complement to conferences like these is essential.   At the end of the day, a conference should not only educate, inspire and network people, but result in lasting impacts other than a great time and more business cards, which is too often the case.  The Co Lab works to bring the generations together to tackle the issues of the day – in small, targeted, intimate discussions with people around common passions, with a goal towards building collaborations based on mindfulness, design lab inter-action, and true win win partnerships.