The Global Co Lab Network is a virtual “do tank” that empowers inter-generational engagement focused on teens and millennials, incubating initiatives out of carefully designed informal gatherings such as living room "Co-Labs", utilizing mindfulness and design lab philosophies. Teens Dream is a project where teens globally are engaged on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals with a video contest and virtual teen-led rooms where action happens, called SDG Hubs, focused on racial justice, gender equality, quality education, and the arts for the SDGs. The Eco Teen Action Network is those teen-led SDG Hubs that focus on the environment, a collaboration with the Smithsonian focused on zero hunger, climate change, and fighting plastic consumption and production.

" Thanks to the Co Lab’s brilliant, but simple model of bringing people of different backgrounds together to address common challenges and discuss new paths forward, we were able to launch the first in a series of Exchange Salons to engage emerging leaders in shaping the road that our international exchange community will take in the coming years. "

— Jennifer Clinton, Former President, Global Ties U.S.

The Global Co Lab Network builds on design thinking, mindfulness, peer coaching and other techniques and has designed a very simple template that all can use to host a Co Lab focused on empowering youth to be change agents, connecting them with collaborative oriented experts, stakeholders and organizations.

Teens Dream was created out of series of Co Labs with teens in the Washington DC area - a fun video contest that has engaged hundreds of teens from over 40 countries on their dreams related to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  Virtual Rooms called SDG Hubs led by winners inspire action on each of the SDGs!

The Global Co Lab Network is partnering with the Smithsonian Conservation Commons to utilize Co Labs and virtual rooms to build a Teen Eco Action Network that is tackling climate change, plastics, and hunger.

The Global Co Lab Network is proud to be supported by organizations and individuals from around the world.

Our Board of Directors, Advisory Council, Partner Organizations, and Staff represent tremendous expertise and passion playing a crucial role in assisting us in creative design solutions. Click here to see the full team.

"Not only does the Global Co Lab Network provide a platform for youth, you lift us up in the way you engage with us. If more people did that, we would accomplish the Sustainable Development Goals faster."

— Julia Gifferty, student at George Washington University

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